Our founder, Peter Lawton, brings with him over 33 years in the residential construction and remodeling industry. As time eventually takes it toll on workers in this field, Peter decided to put his experience and focus on the side of safety. Coupling this experience with solid training received through the OSHA ED Center and Keene State College, he completed both his Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) in Construction as well as his Public Sector Safety and Health Fundamentals (PSSHF) to assist municipalities with their training obligations as well.

PSG also offers safety gear and lead products needed for our clients on our easy to use pages and shopping cart as many do not have a purchaser on staff or working knowledge where and how to get many of these much needed items not found at your local lumber yard.

Between the services and products offered by PSG and the first class training offered through our sister company, LeadSMART Training, we believe we can fit right into your operations and support you as you remain focused on the areas you perform best.

Our goal is to partner with our clients to build a culture of safety. We are thoroughly vested in what we offer – you will experience a level of service difficult to find and tougher to go on without. Our clients really do feel we are their part of their team, not just a consultant.