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Field experienced in construction, our focus is on companies that others feel are “too small” to serve properly. Our goal is to put our trade experience to use and work with firms that are genuinely interested in bringing a culture of safety to their job sites.

Are we for you? We are best suited with companies under 75 field workers. Above that? Sorry we find we are a better fit for folks with work forces as little as 5 up to approximately 75. The group that others pass by.

Funny thing, if you are a smaller firm, you face the very same rules that the larger firms do. Many of you do not have the organization of project managers and site supervisors to assist in meeting these compliance requirements. Yet you remain accountable to your work force and regulatory agencies as if you do.

We get that. We just explained who we were before leaving the contracting business and went to the safety side of operations. Could we be just what you need? Let’s meet over a coffee…. We will both know if we are meant to work together or not. Are your company’s assets worth a cup of coffee? Call me or email me (peter@parkersafetygroup.com) when you know the answer.

Peter Lawton