Minimize Down Time – Train Your Crew at the Same Time

Through our sister company, LeadSMART Training Solutions,  we have a network of seasoned trainers ready to meet any needs our clients have. Through LeadSMART,  these trainings can be offered in:

  • open seating classes
  • private trainings
  • online supplemental training

The staff at PSG and LS have deep experience in the construction field and offer trainings in the following subject matter:

All Safety trainings we provide have taken into consideration not just the OSHA standards but we include any and all ANSI standards as well as Manufacturers Instructions (where applicable). We feel this is why we can promise you the highest level of training you have received to date.

At times there are topics (such as certified rigging, etc) that we partner with a specialist in this field that we have a working relationship with (meaning we have checked them out and feel they have their act together!)

With our firm concentrating on service, any training/services we organize for your firm’s needs are handled with the same attention and oversight you give to your clients. Give us a try – we have earned fantastic evaluations from our clients and would be happy to connect you to clients directly.


Training Services for Companies of All Sizes

To learn more about the Parker Safety Group training services and how we can help your business, please feel free to contact us for a free quote.