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We All Go Home Today

That’s the premise behind the Parker Safety Group JOB SITE INSPECTION PROGRAM. A well-rounded, comprehensive program, it is designed to be a tool that you can use to reinforce safe site behavior and put a focused tool talk in place at the same time.

Field crews learn the best on the job site NOT in a classroom. We have found by focusing on a few items that are happening at the job site, workers learn better a bite at a time. Retention is remarkably better.

What’s in it for YOU the employer?
  • You receive a comprehensive site inspection report
  • Pictures showing site conditions
  • Savings in loss production – projects aren’t shut down for a day like they are when your crew attends a class
  • We get familiar with your crew, the type of work you tend to provide and can fine tune what safety requirements your company needs to address. Not everyone needs to be concerned about the entire OSHA Construction Regulations — just the ones that affect your job site.

We’ll assess your job site, and our report will show you what needs to be addressed before OSHA shows you.

Working with you, we’ll develop job site safety plans that work for your project (or even your company’s Health and Safety Plan). If your firm requires formalized training, we can schedule the training your crew needs. And, if you do get penalized by OSHA, we can attend the informal hearing with you as your safety officer.

Have workers who do not speak English? We can offer Spanish or Portuguese language training in select classes and tool talks.

Our customizable program can help you achieve the profitable side of safety compliance (yes, it really exists!).  When focusing on safety compliance first, companies can potentially:

  • Become a wiser choice for a better type of client who insists on work being done safely on their properties.
  • Reduce Worker Comp expenses.
  • Attract a better quality of sub-contractor who is looking to work for companies who practice safe sites.
  • Increase protection during OSHA inspections, and
  • Keep crews safe and compliant — because, let’s face it, it is the right thing to do.

How do I know this works? Because I see it in my existing clients. Here’s a quote from one of them:

“These crews work hard for us — and us for them. It’s a partnership. We need them healthy to continue to build our projects. You can’t produce when your crews are in the emergency room and, contrary to what people believe, you can’t replace crews as easily as it sounds. Bringing a new crew on-site requires months of getting them up to speed on both quality and safe work practices — and time is money. Money that you did not earn during the ramping up period of a new contractor.” Wrentham, MA

So what are you waiting for? CALL 603-841-7070 today for more information or to schedule a Job Site Assessment.

Parker Safety Group — With Parker by your side, you’ve got a friend in the business.

Stay healthy, folks.

Peter & the Parker Safety Group Team


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